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Currently available for on-site presentations and at select locations.  Contact us to schedule this program or learn about availability near you.


Our Anti-Fraud Programs and Controls Academy has three primary levels of learning depending on your needs or the needs of your staff.

Beginner: Learn the fundamental of internal auditing: audit process, audit approach, professional standards, audit programs, work papers, reporting basics, overview of business processes and controls and more.  Everything you or your new staff will need to know to get started and to excel.  (This course is great for those reviewing for the Institute of Internal Auditors Certified Internal Auditor exam)

Intermediate: Take the next step into planning an internal audit, developing the scope, creating custom audit programs, building a project budget, managing staff, communicating with the auditee, internal audit soft skills, writing an effective audit report and getting buy-in.  Everything a supervisor and manager will need to know to excel as a professional.

Advanced: Learn how to respond to the needs of the board, building the annual internal audit plan, integrating risk into your audit plan, staffing an internal audit department, board reporting, building and maintaining department credibility and relationships with your organization’s management.



  • Explain the purchasing process, risks, and controls
  • ]Identify the different ways an organization acquires goods and services
  • Discuss the common types of purchasing fraud, how it is perpetrated, and common red flags
  • Design audit tests, procedures, and programs that will aid in the identification of purchasing fraud
  • Implement data analytics that can identify possible fraud
  • Determine when an internal audit may become a fraud investigation and the importance of a fraud response plan
  • Perform contract compliance audits to identify possible fraud, waste and/or abuse and recover overpayments

Admissions & Delivery

  • Prerequisites: None however internal audit experience is helpful as is a basic understanding of the procurement process.
  • Who should attend:  This course is designed for internal auditors, fraud investigators, contract compliance auditors, members of an organizations procurement group, SOX control professional and related roles
  • Advanced Preparation: None
  • Program Level: Basic
  • Delivery Method: Group Live

Credit Hours

This program can be modified to meet the needs of attendees.  The course length can range from a simple one hour overview to the full two day course.  To fully accomplish all objectives at a level where attendees can effectively execute all elements of the training the two day course is recommended.

Attendance at the two day course will entitle participants to 18.0 CPE credits.

Fields of Study (18 credits)

  • Auditing – Technical (13 hours)
  • Management Services – Technical (4 hours)
  • Communications – Non-Technical (1 hour)

Course Facilitators

For more information regarding pricing, availability, refunds, concerns, and program cancellation policies, please email us at or call us at 1-888-516-8476.  You can also reference program polices through the link at the bottom of the page or click here. LLC

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