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Stay up to date with’s courses specializes in training people of all backgrounds in the following areas:

  • Fraud Prevention & Detection
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Investigations
  • Internal Audit
  • Governance & Ethics
  • Risk’s courses have been built by experts in their respective fields.  They include a significant amount of interactive content to reinforce learning.  The content is full of practical information that can be applied to your organization, not a bunch of theoretical mumbo jumbo.  We specialize in breaking down complex material into easy to understand components that result in a more thorough understanding.  Lastly, we keep our course format and content clean and crisp, without a lot of distraction. We believe that our courses are the best on the market.  However, after you complete a course, if you still have questions, reach out to our experts on the Knowledge Sharing Platform for additional help.  We are not aware of any other learning platform that provides that type of follow through on making sure you understand the material.  When you buy a course from, you do so to learn, not to check a box that you completed a course.  If you are serious about learning fraud, internal audit, governance, and risk, we are the resource for you.

Insight & Tools from your peers & the experts

Training Programs

Enroll in a number of courses designed for professionals like you.  Enroll in courses easily through our Learning Management System and earn Continuing Professional Education when and where applicable.  We provide the following course formats.

Knowledge Sharing & Resources

Our Knowledge Sharing platform is a great place to start to look for audit programs, checklists, questionnaires and best practices. Have a question about a process or audit approach, ask other members of’s Knowledge Sharing Platform or reach out through the platform and ask one of our experts.  This is FREE for a limited time as a stand alone service and will accompany any paid course or subscription. knowledge sharing platform

Join our knowledge sharing platform and get access to expert insights and tools that would take countless hours to create from scratch

News & Updates

In addition to our primary training programs, we also maintain a blog and a presence on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.  Follow us on these platforms to get up to date news on the profession and related business topics that you need to know.

Browse our catalog of courses now.  Come back frequently as more courses are being added all the time.  Enroll in our Knowledge Sharing Forum and make sure you check out our blog and follow us on social media.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors have extensive experience both in industry and consulting. They can draw upon past experiences to give you practical, relevant information that you can immediately take back to your organization and implement.

Learn from the best.  Find a course today. LLC

Litigation Support, Anti-Fraud Programs and Controls  & Training to Protect Your Organization.

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