Governance & Ethics Training

Ethics Training That Makes A Difference

Our courses provide you with the tools you need to build a best in class ethics program. Learn how to build an ethics program to help employees make better decisions and increase your bottom line.  Some of the topics we cover in our courses include:

  • Considering the Importance of Tone at the Top, Tone in the Middle and Tone Throughout
  • Selecting the Right Employees
  • Building and Communicating your Core Values
  • Maintaining Policies and Applying them Consistently
  • Deploying Equitable Performance Management Systems that Include an Ethics Element
  • Measuring How Your Employees and OTHERS Perceive Your Organization
  • Identifying Where in Your Organization Tone maybe a problem
  • Determining How Comfortable People are Reporting Concerns
  • Many others…

Learn how to develop and manage an ethics program

By implementing the concepts you will learn in our courses, your organization will enjoy benefits that will go right to the bottom line.  Some benefits include:

  • Employees Making Better Decision
  • Less Turnover
  • Fewer Instances of Employee Wrongdoing
  • Better Productivity
  • Many others…

We will also provide research that you can use to back up these benefits.

Establishing the Tone of the Organization

If you want to make your organization the best it can be, you need to focus on its culture and how employees perceive the organizational climate.  Learn how you can create an environment that fosters behaviors that benefit the company as well as its employees.

Creating this environment requires the buy-in of all segments of an organization.  From top level management to the most important group mid-level management to HR to Operations, everyone needs to be engaged and believe in a common set of core values and a world class culture and in doing so a world class business is not that far behind.

Check out our Ethics Courses today and learn how important People are to building a successful organization and to the bottom line.

Training Programs

Enroll in a number of courses designed for internal auditors.  You can earn your CPE easily through our Learning Management System.  We provide the following course formats.

Knowledge Sharing & Resources

Our Knowledge Sharing platform is a great place to start to look for audit programs, checklists, questionnaires and best practices.  Have a question about a process or audit approach, ask other members of’s Knowledge Sharing Platform or reach out through the platform and ask one of our experts. knowledge sharing platform

Join our knowledge sharing platform and get access to expert insights and tools that would take countless hours to create from scratch

News & Updates

In addition to our primary training programs, we also maintain a blog and a presence on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.  Follow us on these platforms to get up to date news on the profession and related business topics that you need to know. LLC

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